Workshop - Exploring the role of local communities in materials research. From best practices to policy, 21st January 2014, Brussels


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The 6th Innomatnet workshop took place in Brussels on January 21st at the Egg (www.eggbrussels.eu). This workshop explored the importance of involving and empowering citizens, local communities and local creative industries/designers in material research, bridging the gap between material industry and citizens/local entrepreneurs, as an important step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly economy and society.

Inspired by existing cases and best practices, participants in this workshop learnt and discussed about the role of Labs (Fab labs, Living labs, other labs) in bringing materials research, recycling and design closer to citizens and society.

The workshop explored the way this topic has been transposed into European Policies, while also tackling the potential synergies between existing initiatives and European networks (networks of Labs, networks of Creative Industries, Networks of Material research/industry).

Downloadable information:


SESSION 1: Learning from existing cases
[PDF]  The Egg-Change project by Alain Heureux, CEO, The Egg
[PDF]  Fablab Amsterdam by Alex Schaub, Fablab Manager, Waag Society
[PDF]  What’s my stuff by Hywel Jones, Royal Society Industry Fellow
[PDF]  KW Maker Lab: For Everyone to Make it by Carolyn Hassan and Penny Ewans, KWMC
[PDF]  Makers Communities and MuSe Science Museum by Sabina Barcucci, Fablab Manager and Francesco Botto, Create-Net
[PDF] [PDF] Three experiences at BarcelonaLab by Artur Serra, Adjunct Director, i2cat and Tomas Diez Ladera, Director Fablab Barcelona, IAAC

SESSION 2: Involvement of local communities of citizens, designers and creative industries in materials research: European policies
[PDF]  Lula Rosso, European Commission, DG Research
[PDF]  Antti Valle, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry

SESSION 3: Collaboration in between networks and projects
[PDF]  InnoMatNet (Innovation Materials Network) by Susana Figueiredo, SPI (Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação)
[PDF]  BEDA (The Bureau of European Design Associations) by Marija Popovic
[PDF]  The Creative Ring by Simon Deleare, iMinds
[PDF]  DigiBIC by Robert Sanders, EBN (European BIC Network)
[PDF]  ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) by Ana Garcia
[PDF]  ECBN (European Creative Business Network) by Callum Lee